Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership creates the opportunity to drive organisational change through fostering a culture of learning and growth.

A range of different leadership theories have been developed over years that view leadership through a variety of lenses. If we look through the lens of transactional versus transformational leadership, transactional leadership could be considered ‘managerial’ leadership, a leadership style which focuses on the role of supervision, organisation, and group performance. This leadership style provides direction, is reliant on compliance, and is not typically looking to influence the organisational culture, more operating within the status quo.

Transformational leadership is a leadership approach that generates change in individuals and social systems. In its authentic form, it realises both individual and organisational potential and enhances the motivation, morale, and performance of organisational members.

In our Transformational Leadership Coaching program, we tap into current strengths, explore development focus areas through reflection on existing leadership styles and identify opportunities for recalibration. We focus on building an influential communication skill set augmented by a high level of emotional intelligence which is fundamental for leaders in developing functional relationships, empowering teams, building trust, earning respect, and inspiring team spirit.

We develop leaders with the skills to:

  • Be effective in the role of mentor or coach in the self-development of their team members.
  • Understand the importance of recognising intrinsic motivation and team member contributions in the context of neuro leadership.
  • Stimulate creativity in their team members through encouraging their people to think independently, and interdependently as a collective.
  • Provide inspirational motivation through developing a strong sense of mission and purpose, and in turn contributing to the co-evolution of an organisational culture that generates organisational health, safety, productivity, and economic value.

Our Transformational Leadership coaching workshops introduce the tools and concepts and act as a productive leadership forum to enable reflection on practice and shared learning at the leadership team level.

The workshop modules are reinforced at the practical application level by 1:1 leadership coaching sessions.

Workshops and supporting 1:1 coaching sessions can be run in person and via Zoom.

“ The personal capabilities of effective transformational leaders revolve around three areas: the ability to construct a compelling organizational vision; an intellectually and emotionally mature understanding of power and its positive use, not merely its acquisition; and, self-confidence as manifested in the empowerment, inspiration, and motivation of others ” – Marshall Sashkin Professor Emeritus of Human Resource Development and renown leadership author.