Transforming Leaders

Research literature on leadership development consistently highlights interpersonal skills as an essential skill of an effective leader.

A range of different leadership theories have been developed over years that view leadership through a variety of lenses.

Transformational Leadership is one theory which has been credited for bringing about positive change in organisations.

Building leadership capability in its primary form requires a high level of self-awareness, a preparedness to engage in self-reflection and the motivation for reinvention. This provides the foundation for knowledge creation and leadership style calibration.

In our Coaching Transformational Leaders program we identify leadership potential and calibrate leadership styles through exploring social and emotional intelligence, and building on communication and influential skills which are essential in developing high performance teams, building trust, earning respect, inspiring team spirit, and cultivating operational health and productivity, resilience and agility.

Coaching can be provided on a 1:1 basis in conjunction with leadership team coaching workshops.

“ The personal capabilities of effective transformational leaders revolve around three areas: the ability to construct a compelling organizational vision; an intellectually and emotionally mature understanding of power and its positive use, not merely its acquisition; and, self-confidence as manifested in the empowerment, inspiration, and motivation of others ” – Marshall Sashkin Professor Emeritus of Human Resource Development and renown leadership author.