Career Transition Coaching

We are navigating challenging times and many of us have either experienced a shift in the way we work, or our current career path has become immobilised. 

This present moment reality can feel overwhelming, especially with the levels of uncertainty that exist. Our sense of identity, mission and purpose, our self-esteem, sense of security, social connectivity and relationship fabric are amongst the different aspects of our life that can become impacted. With this we experience a range of emotions.

We often hear the word ‘resilience’ spoken and there are varying definitions of resilience, the word originates from the Latin word resiliens – “act of rebounding”.

Resilience can be viewed as an innate attribute, an individual character or psychological strength, however our future growth and our sense of well-being in a self-sustaining way requires reinforcing processes.

We need to view resilience through the lens of the level of resources available to us. These can include counselling and a range of mental health support services, with social support being an important variable that contributes to resilience.

Our Career Transition Coaching is a process aimed at developing our confidence and conscious awareness of our strengths, core competencies and capabilities.

Our coaching framework follows our Engage, Explore and Evolve Model.

We Engage in the current reality, this allows us to recognise and accept what is happening, and to investigate how this is impacting us.

Then Explore how we feel about our future, what the inner voice is saying and the emotional responses, and what empowering beliefs exist.

To Evolve the next chapter of our lives we build clarity around the vision of what you would like to achieve, develop ‘opportunity awareness’ and co-create a road map to the future.

This is a changed world, and our ability to adapt to the changes and reinvent ourselves is essential.

Our career transition coaching dedicates time to clearly articulate your value proposition to your future employer, and also explore how you could contribute towards a social purpose and community organisation.

We also identify and implement useful strategies to augment the “act of rebounding”.